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About APPS

What is APPS?
Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS) is a fintech in Pakistan which allows businesses to accept and process digital payments through its diverse range of products. APPS gives you a platform to accept payments from numerous banks, scheme cards and mobile wallets.
What is Payfast?
APPS has developed a flagship payment gateway solution called “PayFast”. It has been developed to accept payments digitally from the customers through payment options like Payment Cards, Mobile Wallets and Account Numbers. It will be integrated directly with our clients’ websites to allow smooth transaction placements.
How can I make a payment? Is there a demo I can check out?
You can payment through your account, card or mobile wallet. To view demo please click here.
Which banks are enabled for transactions?
Our list of partner banks continues to grow day by day. To see the full list please click here.
Which merchant aggregators do you have on board?

We have an ever-growing list of merchant aggregators. To see the full list please click here. 

How can I make transactions using Payfast?
  • Account-based transaction: 
  • Payments can be made by entering your account number, CNIC and a One-time Password (OTP) which is sent by your bank to your registered number. To view complete details, click here:
  • Card based Transactions:
  • Payments can be made by entering your account number, CNIC and a One-time Password (OTP) which is sent by your bank to your registered number. To view complete details, click here:
  • Mobile Wallet: 
  • You can make payments by entering your wallet number, email ID and one-time Password/PIN. To view complete details, click here:

Getting Started

How can I start accepting payments using Payfast?
You can contact our email address by sending your basic contact details. Our merchant alliances team will contact you and sign agreement for on boarding.
Do you offer any payment solution for those who don’t have websites/mobile applications?
You can make use of our invoicing platform application. For details, please call us at +922137132793 or email at

How can I check the transaction reports?

You can view the details of transactions from the report section of the dashboard. 


What is a settlement?

In order to resolve conflicts or disputes, APPS has set up a process to compensate the aggrieved party for an unsatisfactory product/service that they received.

What is the settlement cycle you offer?
Our standard settlement cycle is 2-3 working days (T+2/3); T denotes the date of transaction.
How do I collect the payments made by the customer? Is it a manual process?
Once the process of settlement is approved by our team, it is completely automated. The payment made by the customer will be disbursed as per mode of payment (i.e Funds Transfer into given account or Pay Order) selected at the time of on-boarding. Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and gazetted/bank holidays. To view complete details click here:


What are the charges involved? Do you charge any set-up fee?
Our pricing strategy is very simple and transparent: No annual or subscription fee No setup charges or maintenance fee Minimum Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is 2.75% per successful transaction.
Is there any possibility to negotiate the price?
You can write an email to us at and our merchant alliance team will contact you to discuss the same.

Dispute Resolution

Does Payfast offer support to resolve a pending dispute between customer and merchant?

PayFast strives towards providing an easy and transparent experience for both merchants and customers to transact and exchange payments. It is our duty to make sure our customers face no issues, so that they can make payments with confidence.

In order to resolve the dispute effectively and efficiently, PayFast firstly recommends that customers initiate direct communication with the merchant to resolve issues. However, if the merchant is unresponsive to emails or phone calls, then our dedicated customer support team will take up the matter to resolve the dispute to the best of our abilities.

When should a customer file a dispute regarding the non-receipt of an order?

It is suggested that you should generally wait for 5-7 working days for goods/services (except food items) to be delivered before registering a complaint, unless some other agreement was made by both parties beforehand. If you do not receive the services/goods even after the aforementioned time is lapsed, then you may register a complaint.

How could I file a complaint regarding the non-receipt of an order.

You may contact us by calling at +922137132793 or write us an email at, you are required to provide us with the following details:

  • Transaction Date
  • Account number/CNIC/Card number
  • Transaction Amount
  • Description of the problem

How do I perform the Cancellation of Orders/Refunds/Returns?

All requests relating to the cancellation/return of orders should be sent to the merchant directly. As a payment platform, PayFast will ensure a smooth return of payments, as soon as it receives confirmation from the relevant merchant for a refund.


What is a fraudulent transaction?

A fraudulent transaction is one that is not authorized by the account or cardholder.

How do I report potential fraud or unauthorized transactions to APPS?

If a transaction comes into your knowledge that is not authorised by you, immediately notify this transaction to APPS via call at +922137132793.


What is a chargeback?

Chargeback is a demand for compensation by a customer to make up for fraudulent or faulty products/services. In order to ensure a smooth process, PayFast is dedicated to ensuring that any fraudulent or unsatisfactory transactions taken place are dealt with accordingly. Once the cardholder files a complaint, it is reported to PayFast and our team conducts an investigation.

How can I raise the chargeback request?

If you don’t receive the goods/services ordered within the Turnaround Time mentioned on the website, then you may lodge chargeback request by contacting your bank. You may also contact us at +922137132793 Or write us an email at

Merchant Integrations

How do I integrate with PayFast?

The integration guide is attached herewith for your reference. Please review it and follow the instructions to generate the API keys and implement the same in your code. 

What are the platforms supported by PayFast?

You can check out the available platforms and plugins supported by PayFast here. If the required platform/plugin is not listed, you can refer here and try integrating it on your own until we get a dedicated platform/plugin.

Where can I find the API references?

You can check the same here.

How do I get my secret key?

Secret keys can be acquired from the Dashboard and are visible only at the time of generation. In case you have lost your key, you can regenerate it and replace it in your integration code.

The platform I am integrating with is not listed on your webpage. Can I still integrate?

Yes, It’s possible APPS will provide some customized documents for integration.